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Unique Vertical Camping

In the westernmost part of Slovenia, where the Mediterranean and Alpine worlds meet, lies the Soča valley. More than two thousand meters high alpine peaks with majestic wall faces are rising above the valley.


699,00 €

Willys Jeep Tour & Tree Tent camping Experience

Do you want to visit, truly experience and taste intact nature?


379,00 €

Tree Tent camping in the wilderness

Are you tired of the fast pace of life? Need a

moment of peace and silence? Or are you just looking for an unforgettable experience?


169,00 €

Incredible Willys Jeep Tours

I almost don't know a person that doesn't know the legendary Willys Jeep.
How about you?


289,00 €

Breathtaking Soča Valley Photo Safari

When you run out of space in memory card, or how to drain the batteries before noon.


89,00 €

Shinrin Yoku - Nature Therapy

Restore your physical, psychological and emotional balance.


79,00 €

Family Bonding Activities or WiFiLess day

Disconnect from modern technologies and spend a wonderful day in the nature with the people you care the most.


69,00 €