soča valley photo safari

When you run out of space in memory card, or how to drain the batteries before noon.

Soča Valley Photo Safari

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Start date: 01.04.2020 08:00

End date: 30.09.2020 08:00

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If you are reading these lines, you are already well on your way to bringing home not only
fantastic photos from your travels, but also memories of a fantastic adventure.

Whether you shoot with a DSLR, Compact Camera or mobile phone, the photography experience in the Soča Valley is a unique experience, your biggest challenge after that day will be how to decide on which of those many great photos to develop or publish on
FB, IG and other Social Media.


If you are a fan of the unbeaten trails and hidden corners, Photo Wanderer is perfect for you.

With our local photo guide you will embark on a magical photo hunt.

Wonderful mountain meadows, colourful woods, bouncing streams, fascinating waterfalls, unusual river gorges,… Our guide will select and adjust the locations carefully according to the weather, the season, the time of day and your preferences. The possibilities are enormous. But there is one thing in common. Wherever you go, nature is breathtaking and you will go home fascinated.


For those of you wholike to stay on beaten trails and visit the most famous sight- seeingspots, butstill look for the perfect photo, we recommend the Trendy Classic programme.

The road will lead us through the fairy tale valley of the Soča River to its very source, which is one of the most beautiful and cleanest springs in the Alps. From there, we will hit the Great Soča Gorges, which are composed of numerous emerald pools and are
a natural treat for the heart and soul. 

We will visit Boka Waterfall, the most watery and powerful Slovenian waterfall and the mysterious Kozjak waterfall trapped in the stone hall. 

In the stunning Tolmin Gorges, we will admire the play of the water, the so-called Devil's Bridge and the so called Bear's head, a large rock wedged between the walls of the canyon. We will enjoy some free time in the valley for a short break or a delicious late lunch.

High above the valley is Kolovrat, a mountain ridge bordering neighbouring Italy. It is here that, during . WW1, the line of defence of the
Italian army ran. Observation sites, trenches, machine guns and artillery positions, caverns and the original spiral staircase are extremely interesting photographic motifs. 

Here, we will wait for the sunset, which is certainly one of the most spectacular in this part of the world, because we can see the steep peaks of the Alps on one side and, in goodclear weather, the Adriatic Sea on the other.

We are sure that you will almost certainly ... No, during the tour you will surely charge a memory card in your camera and drain the batteries in your mobile phone.