Full day WILLYS jeep experience

From Enchanting Waters into the Embrace of the Mountains

Incredible Willys Jeep ExperienceFrom Enchanting Waters into the Embrace of the Mountains

Start date: 01.04.2024

End date: 30.10.2024

Regular price:

- 155,00 EUR per person / 3 persons joining

- 229,00 EUR per person / 2 persons joining

- 459,00 EUR per person / 1 person joining



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* In case of a bad weather (rain, strong wind or cold weather) the trip may be cancelled. In this case, on your request and our availability we can set a new date, or we will refund your money in full.
** The maximum number of passengers is 3 adults ( or 2 adults and 2 children / 1 adult and 3 children).

The experience is carried out:
1.4. – 31.10. 2022
In case of a bad weather (rain, strong wind or cold weather) the trip will be cancelled

Meeting point:
Tolmin, Parkirišče P2 (Parking for Tolmin Gorges)

Duration of the experience:
Aprox. 8-9 hours

Timetable / Schedule of the experience:

8:00 AM or 8:30 AM

The price does not include:
- Transfer not mentioned in the program
- Extra food and drinks
- Entries

Additional payments:
- 6 eur /person Cheese degustation
- 7 eur /person Cold meet cuts

- 4 eur/person Dumplings 2 pcs

- 8 eur/person Frika

Discovering the hidden corners of the Soča river valley is in itself a great adventure. But if we add to that a ride with Willys Jeep, the icon of the automotive world, we get an exceptional experience.

We will drive through fields, fragrant meadows, charming villages and colorful forests, until suddenly the beautiful Sopot waterfall appears in front of us. Stopping at a viewing platform, we will take some photos and then walk to its foothills where we will enjoy the beautiful view and the roar and the refreshing spray of the waterfall.
Not far away is the healing spring Dicova voda, which the locals have been using for centuries. We will treat ourselves to a short stop to taste and enjoy this healing water, followed by an exciting drive uphill to the edge of the Trnovo-Banjska plateau.

We will drive along a forest road with breathtaking views of the Julian Alps until we reach a charming mountain farm. In Široki we will treat ourselves to a snack of delicious and authentic home-made delicacies, and relax the soul and eyes in the exceptional beauty of the mountain panorama.
After the break, we descend into the valley to the Soča River, but only for a short time, as the path will take us high to the famous Kolovrat.

During the First World War, Kolovrat was the scene of fierce fighting, and today it is one of the most beautiful open-air museums. From here we are offered breathtaking views of the steep walls and high mountain peaks of the Alps on one side, and the Italian landscape and the Adriatic Sea on the other. After walking along the fortified defensive line, we will drive along the ridge of Kolovrat to a small mountain village, from where we will head back down to the valley.

In Kobarid we will make a short stop for refreshments and see the magnificent ossuary of Italian soldiers and the famous Napoleon Bridge over the Soča River.

As afternoon slowly turns into evening, it will be time to return to the starting point, where the day of extraordinary experiences will come to an end.

What to Expect?

- Professional local guide-driver.
- Riding in the nearly 80-year-old legendary Willys military jeep.
- Panoramic views, photography and walk to a magical over 60m high waterfall.
- Stop at an ancient spring of healing water, where you can fill your bottles
- Panoramic ride with exceptional views of the Julian Alps and the Soča river valley.
- Guided walk around the museum of the First World War on Kolovrat
- Visit to Kobarid and the ossuary of Italian soldiers.
- Visit to Napoleon's bridge over the Soča.
- Panoramic ride along the Soča.

What do I need?

- Warm clothes (sweater, softshell / windstopper)
- Suitable footwear (tennis or hiking boots)
- Flashlight for viewing bunkers
- Sunglasses
- Cap / hat - something to protect the head
- Sun screen
- Camera / smartphone for photos
- A bottle, a watering can, a water bottle, ... to pour water from springs

The price includes:

- Accompaniment and guidance of a professional local guide - driver
- All transports mentioned in the program
- Driving in the legendary, 80-year-old World War II jeep Willys
- Stunning views
- Visit to the Sopot waterfall
- Visit to the healing spring Dicova voda
- Driving along the breathtaking panoramic road
- Visit to the open-air museum Kolovrat - walk
- All parking fees, fuel
- Taxes and fees
- Invaluable information about the destination (recommendations for restaurants, inns, destinations, natural, cultural, ... sights, local secrets, ...) that will make your vacation with us even more beautiful and attractive.

Link to the RTV Slovenia (Slovenia's National public broadcasting organization) article for the program “Slovenia's Hidden Gems”