incredible WILLYS jEEP tours

A fascinating experience with breathtaking views

Incredible Willys Jeep tours

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What do the legendary Jeep, breath-taking nature, a delicious picnic and unforgettable experiences have in common?


I almost don't know a person that doesn't know the legendary Willys Jeep. 

How about you?

Do you want to feel the excitement and experience an unforgettable adventure while discovering one of the most beautiful corners of the Alps with our more than 70-year-old
vintage Jeep?

You may like the roar of the engine, the chirping of the birds or the serenity of the nature, the unforgettable views, the high mountain pastures, the old military forts and
defensive trenches, the wild streams of untamed rivers, the narrow and hanging
bridges, the magnificent architecture of the local masters, the view of the steep walls of the alpine peaks, the slopes and delicious cuisine.

Do you like any of the above mentioned possibilities, or maybe all of them? We offer a mosaic of experiences that will not leave you indifferent, and will be imprinted forever
in your memory.

With this icon of the automobile world, we will show you the beauties of the Soča River valley and its greatest natural and cultural sights. Best of all, this day is dedicated
exclusively to you and to your wishes. We have some pre-arranged suggestions for you. However, if you want to create your unforgettable day yourself, we are happy to listen your wishes and help you with our tips.

If you are passionate about military history, one of the options is to show you the remnants of World War I, which are extremely prolific in this valley.

From the ossuary of fallen soldiers in Kobarid and one of the most beautiful museums of the 1st World War in Europe, we continue our journey high above the valley to the slope of the hill called Kolovrat, where we find a remarkable preserved example of shooting trenches, from which a magnificent view of the alpine peaks opens.
When we`re lucky enough to have a nice weather we can also see on the  other side of the mountain all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

On the opposite side of the valley, in Javorca, in unspoiled nature, we can admire the architectural masterpiece, the church of the Holy Ghost built by Austro-Hungarian soldiers during the maelstrom of war.

Along our trip we will be accompanied not
only the remnants of the war, but also by breath-taking views, beautiful mountain nature and clear alpine air mixed with a Mediterranean influence.

If you are a fan of everything related to nature, we have another option and a special

experience planned for you.

Driving only through the Soča Valley is an experience by itself. But if we add to it a cult vintage Jeep, well, we will let you decide about it. 

According to your wishes we take you to some of the numerous waterfalls, some of them more, others less hidden to the eyes of curious travellers. Some are visible from the road, while others require a little effort and stretching your legs a little bit.

The unforgettable Small and The Great Soča Gorge are certainly part of the valley's most
magnificent natural landmarks, and its magical spring is one of the most beautiful and purest karst springs in the Alps. Beautiful, fairy-tale hanging bridges and magnificent photo stops will further brighten your day. At the magical Valley of Trenta, we will discover the inspiring natural and cultural heritage left to us by our grandparents in the form of unique architecture, craftsmanship, customs and exceptional cuisine.

For the ones that find the greatest pleasure enjoying the panoramic ride with
breath-taking views and shorter stops we have created another unique adventure.

Imagine the slight buzzing of the legendary Jeep's engine with its top off, while driving through an alpine valley, surrounded by high mountain peaks and an emerald river, with
the sun gently caressing your face. 

Adding to it the ascent on the spectacular
mountain road, driving through the tunnels carved by hand into live rock, passing grassy meadows, over 500 years old sheep mountain
pasture, all the way to the centre of a ountain paradise. 

Wondering what the perfect vantage point looks like, where you won't run out of spectacular scenes for photography and filming? On the grassy fields that are coloured by carpets of colourful flowers, and with a bit of luck, we can observe playful Marmots,
Capricorns, Mountain goats, all kind of birds and other animals playfully flying and climbing against the overhanging walls of the mighty mountains.

No matter which option you choose, and whether you create your unforgettable day with us by yourself, somewhere along the way in a lush, secluded area, we will spoil you with a delicious picnic consisting of carefully selected local and homemade delicacies of Grandma's cuisine.