Who is Blanka

I've always been different, unlike my family. I grew up in a family where travel was a rarity. In fact, our only trip was an annual sea voyage. While this event was a big stress for my parents, I waited impatiently for the day to come.

The desire for travel and other adventures became so big that I decided to go to High School for Tourism. It felt like the school was made for me. In addition to the school subjects that interested me, it also enabled me to travel, and so I experienced my first adventures. As a shadow I followed the Tour Guides, taking knowledge from them, and learned the basics of organising and managing groups. High School gave me knowledge and experience, my parents also allowed me to travel alone with my older sister, and that encouraged me even more.

After High School I enrolled in Art History at the university. Although the study was interesting, I could not find my peace there, the desire to travel was too great. With the acquisition of a license as a Tourist Guide I had everything that combined work and great pleasure. The passengers often asked if it was exhausting and if I was getting tired of the constant travelling, but my answer was always the same: This is how I can live my dreams.

On one of the trips I heard the wonderful, penetrating voice of the Guide and had to get to know him. Fate wanted us to get closer and become a couple sharing the same dream. The same dreams led us around the world and gave us our children.

As a caring and responsible mother, I decided to find a job so that I could be at home with my children every day. I tried out different jobs. I worked in a Centre for Rural Development, in a travel agency and as a kindergarten teacher, but nowhere did I feel good, the wanderlust won. So I started working as a Guide again, like I used to do before. But it was not the same. Something was missing. Being used to travelling with my partner and my family, mass tourism did not suit me anymore. Too much haste and too little emphasis on content. I wanted to be able to give the people more personal contact, contact with me, the locals and the host country. Time to feel the beat of the city and the country, time for authenticity, for the experience. My partner came to the same conclusions during this time, so we decided to offer our passengers exactly that. Individually tailored programmes that accommodate small groups, and offer you a personal and holistic experience that leaves a mark and a wonderful memory that will last a long time.
Because we do not build on quantity, we want to offer you quality.


Who is Marko

In my humble opinion, traveling and discovering the magical corners of our planet is a big part of my DNA. I've been amazed by traveling since I am aware of myself.

When I was a child, like many other families in former Yugoslavia, everysummer we emigrated to northern and central Dalmatia. In addition, my parents, who had a great sense for traveling and exploring new and interesting destinations, 
showed my brother and me a large part of Europe and the home country at that time. 

We traveled through Austria, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and of course all over former Yugoslavia.

Later, during high school and college, I traveled worldwide as a member of the Koleda, traditional folk music and dance group. We were part of CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) we attended international festivals at home and around the world. Besides the European countries we also visited Taiwan, USA, Australia, New Zealand,...

I spent the best part of my summer holidays at idyllic scout camp in the immediate vicinity
of Bled. In authentic and untouched nature we gained knowledge about life in nature and unconsciously invaluable life experiences.

Apart from that I used all my spare time to discover the better known and less known
corners of our planet. Off the beaten track it was and still is my preferred way to explore foreign places.

I prefer to get in touch with the locals and socialize with them, as it is from them that I
learn the most, get to know their culture, local gastronomy and lifestyle, because they are an invaluable source of information of local life.

And I would like to show all of this also to my guests.

During my studies, I took a lot of short trips to nearby countries like Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, UK,… 

6 seasons as a travel guide in Greece , 6 in Spain and over 300 longer trips around the world is an exceptional school, and an invaluable source of experience and knowledge that benefits me very well.

However, on one of my journeys, in Italy, in romantic town of Pisa, I met Blanca, my current partner and the love of my life. She shares the same passion for traveling, for discovering new and different destinations, for exploring local
cultures, traditions, gastronomy, nature and all what is interesting.

That is why we have decided to create a new agency and offer our passengers truly different
and unique trips.

And here begins the next chapter of my life,  which I hope you will be one part as well.

How we got started and what our goals are?

It seems like a very long time ago when we each lived completely different lives.

Despite our differences, we both had the same desire. Passion for travelling, discovering new places, getting to know people, enjoying gastronomy, culture, local customs…

We both started this lifestyle working as Tourist Guides, our dreamy profession.

While working, we have gained a great deal of experiences in organisation and management, working in the field, with people, we have learned how to recognise the wishes and the needs of travellers. We have made many acquaintances and friends among our guests, valuable experiences and a wealth of knowledge. At some point our two paths came together; in Italy, in front of the world-famous leaning tower of Pisa, one of the most romantic destinations on our planet.

We shared the same passion and, when possible, we were travelling alone, on our own terms.

Not only the sights were important on our discoveries, but also the pulse of the city, the country, we took our time, stopped for a moment, listened to the sounds of the surroundings, to sense different smells, and opened our eyes to catch the glimmer of everyday life. It was important for us to get in touch with the locals, as this was the only way we could feel and taste their rhythm and their way of life.

Grateful for all the experiences that mass tourism has given to us, we have increasingly missed the opportunity to offer our guests the personal touch and a genuine experience. We wanted to offer something special. In this fast and stressful lifestyle, we wished we could offer our guests something more, an experience that would be more enjoyable, more authentic, personal and memorable.

This desire led us to the point where we decided to give up mass tourism.

We are aware that getting to know a destination is not about visiting as many spots as possible in the shortest time possible. What counts the most is to get to feel the destination, and to experience its culture no matter what it has to offer, and all that is only possible with an individual approach, where we can connect and adapt to the needs of the traveller.

This is how our travel agency was created, offering unique, authentic experiences for individuals and smaller groups, where we can be more personal and adapt more easily to the wishes and needs of our guests. We do our best to greet, accommodate and guide you personally, so that we can dedicate ourselves to you as much as possible, since you and your satisfaction are most important to us at the end of the day.


Pangea is the Greek name for a supercontinent and it means ALL THE EARTH-LANDS.

It was assembled from earlier continental units approximately 335 million years ago, and it began to break apart about 175 million years ago.
Geologists predict that, in about 250 million years, the continents will collide with each other again, and Pangea Ultima will emerge.

Our desire, mission and goal is to show you the beauty of the world, its natural diversity, a kaleidoscope of cultures, customs, gastronomy, colours, scents, breath-taking nature, and everything that leaves an indelible mark of happiness and makes your soul and spirit more complete.

Pangea Adventures

What our logo is representing?

Author of the logo is Mr. Grega Žigon, a young talented Slovenian designer. In collaboration with him, we have created a logo which represents us and our philosophy.

Since our agency is headquartered in Slovenia, we have decided that our highest mountain, mountain Triglav, will be represented in our logo. Therefore, this part of the logo represents excitement, adrenaline, adventure, outdoor activities...

The blue colour and the shape of the river represent the water, an indispensable source of our lives.

The green colour represents all of the nature.

We would like to emphasise that Pangea Adventures places great importance no nature conservation and sustainability. With our travels and activities, we want to leave as little as possible, or even no carbon footprint.

However, most of our trips and activities are closely related to nature (life and survival courses in nature, camping in the wilderness, hiking, caving, paragliding, cycling, water sports, picnics and unique gastronomic experiences and so much more).