WILLYS jEEP & Tree tent camping

Legendary Willys Jeep tour & Tree Tent camping Experience

Willys Jeep tour & Tree Tent camping Experience

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Start date: 01.05.2020 08:00

End date: 30.09.2020 08:00

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Do you want to visit, truly experience and taste intact nature?

In the valley of the emerald river Soča, you are offered an unforgettable experience that will not leave you light-hearted. Even more, the valley enclosed by the walls of the Alpine peaks offers a dive into the past and an insight into its turbulent history, which shaped the development of places, people and what makes the Soča Valley what it is; breathtaking, unspoiled, wild, unique,…

While riding a vintage military jeep made at the turbulent time of WW2 you will learn about the history of these places, and listen to the many stories that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries among the local population.

The route will lead us past small towns, through villages and valleys, it will allow us to admire the local architecture and traditional masterful craftsmanship that is still alive here.

The magic of these places, in addition to the architecture, the friendly, bold and valorous locals, the excellent cuisine, etc. is given especially by the breathtaking nature. Beautiful and numerous forest paths, high mountain pastures with livestock grazing on them, meadows full of vividly coloured flowers, streams and rivers whose water flows leaping over rocks towards the valley. Smaller and larger waterfalls and hundreds of springs of high quality and healing drinking water are the source of the invaluable natural wealth of this part of the world. There are not many places in the world that offer breathtaking views of the high peaks of the Alps on one hand and the Adriatic Sea on the other.

For the final touch, your senses will also be indulged with the smell and the taste of the clean mountain air, which carries some extra energy of the nearby Mediterranean.

We will visit places related to the most famous historical developments around here.

In the time of WW1, one of the major battles took place on these areas, which determined the history of this part of the world, also being known as the Miracle of Kobarid. World-renowned writer Ernest Hemingway is also a part of this story, as he spent a short time of his life here. The tragic event at the time, which he personally experienced, prompted the writer to write the legendary novel Farewell To Arms.

Fortified trenches, firing lines, mulatiers (narrow military supply road) and bunkers carved into the rock vividly testify to the cruel past, and with a little imagination youcan relive the life and the suffering of the young soldiers who fought here and gave their lives in this relentless and senseless war. We will stop at some of these monuments, take a stroll through the well preserved trenches ,and peek into the dark, damp and chilly bunkers.

We will visit the ossuary of tens of thousands of fallen soldiers, and, high above the valley, where our untouched nature and the high peaks of the Julian Alps will leave you speechless. We will admire the architectural masterpiece in the form of a wooden Holy Spirit church in Javorca, built with superhuman efforts and a grand sacrifice of the soldiers building it in the middle of war time.

In the afternoon, we will leave the past behind us and head into the woods, far away from the houses, traffic, people, electronics and sounds of the modern world. We will set a specially designed driftwood tent among the trees, which will provide us with safe shelter until the next morning. When the crackle of the waning fire subsides, we will enjoy the sounds of the forest at night. We will taste the primal nature in which man has not yet left major traces. 

This is a time which we can devote to ourselves and to our thoughts. Moments that will forever be imprinted in your memory and in your heart.