Tree tent camping

Extraordinary Tree Tent camping Experience in the Wilderness

Tree Tent camping in the Wilderness

Regular price: 189,00 EUR up to 4 persons - option +2 persons

2020 promotion price: 169,00 EUR

Start date: 24.03.2020 14:00

End date: 30.09.2020 14:00

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Are you tired of the fast pace of life? Need a

moment of peace and silence? Or are you just looking for an unforgettable experience?
No matter what you want, we have the right adventure for you.

The unspoiled nature can offer us serenity,
true freedom and crazy adventures. And  nature in our surroundings offers ideal
conditions for all this.

Walking through the woods, on and off the
beaten paths, through streams to the very heart of the forest where you will spend the night in peace and quiet, where you will not be disturbed by the sounds of people, street noise and noisy cars, you will listen to the pleasant
sounds of nature. And right in the heart of nature you will spend the night in a unique hanging tent that we will fit together among the trees and which will offer you an unforgettable sleeping experience.

In the afternoon, we will embark on an adventure in unspoiled nature, where we will find a cozy place to set up thetree tent and make a hearth for a delicious dinner. 

The fire will be your companion at night, as you will be able to listen to the crackle of fire and the magical sounds of nature in the tree tent. That will rock you to sleep or make your night short due to adrenaline rush. 

Withdrawn from the city noise, you will rest your senses and, in the morning, enjoy a home-made tea or coffeeby the hearth and a delicious breakfast consisting of local delicacies.

We will make sure that the space in nature where we spent a carefree night is left the way we found it. 

Full of unforgettable impressions, we will head back to the world from which we managed to escape for a moment.