shinrin yoku - nature therapy

Restore your physical, psychological and emotional balance.

Shinrin Yoku - Nature Therapy

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When was the last time you took a stroll on a flowering meadow or walked through the woods? 

Do you remember the last time you stood in
the forest without saying a word, just admiring the beauty of the trees, smelling the authentic nature and breathing in the pure clear air?

How many hours per day do you stare at the computer at work or back home? How many times have you looked at your mobile phone just for today? Not enough movement, genetically modified food, stress at work, time pressure, burnout ... Simply said, the body's balance is broken. Are you interested in how you can restore that balance?

The simplest solution is a walk in the woods. And, as Dr. Qing Li, an expert in forest medicine, wrote in his book, it is not just the walk, it is an activity called “forest bathing”, or also named Shinrin Yoku. Therefore, Shinrin Yoku means bathing in the atmosphere of the
forest and absorbing the forest with all our senses. It is all about being in nature and connecting with it through sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Indoors we usually use only three senses (eyes, ears and smell). Outside, we smell grass, flowers, forest undergrowth,…   we see the changing colours in the meadow, the forest, listening to birds
singing and other sounds of nature. We feel slightly different bark, feel the freshness of grass, leaves,… And when we do use all our senses, we truly connect with nature and that is the easiest way to relax and calm our spirit.

And that's what we want to show you while taking our Forest Bathing. We will stroll through the forest, cross the stream, feel the undergrowth on our soles, fill our lungs with the virgin purity of the forest, observe the gentle movement of the plants, listen to the magical and soothing sounds of the forest, and spoil our taste buds with nature’s divine fruits. 

Not only will you feel liberated after just one "therapy", but we will also give you suggestions and guidance on how you can do it yourself. We want you to rebalance your body, live a fuller life and reduce the chance of burning. In order not only to balance and purify our spirit, we will taste and enjoy a delicious snack made from natural delicacies in the tranquillity of the forest.

We are convinced that our forest bathing will be an unforgettable experience, and a wonderful companion for a better and more quality life.