Disconnect from modern technologies and spend a wonderful day in the

nature with the people you care the most.

Family bonding activities or WiFiLess day

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2020 promotion price: 69,00 EUR

Start date: 25.06.2020 09:00

End date: 06.09.2020 09:00

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Think about how much time you and your
family spend in front of your monitor, your TV, or on your mobile phone. 

Too much! 

When did you last go out with your children or friends in the nature and have some fun? Having trouble remembering when that was, or even worse, have you never done so.

Would you like to disconnect from Wi-Fi and modern technologies for a while, spend a wonderful day in the nature, enjoy a fantastic picnic and bond with your loved ones? If not, then stop reading immediately. If your answer is yes, then we have the exactly the right thing
for you.

A Wi-Fi-less day is all about fun, hanging out with family or friends, fun games and delicious meals.

And what is it we`re going to do?

In the morning we will meet at a certain place, from where we head to our hidden and carefully prepared place. After a short briefing of our team on the course of the day, action begins. 

In the woods we will pick adequate material and learn how to make a bivouac-shelter
out of natural materials. In the meanwhile we will also come to know some of the knots that will come in handy in your everyday life. We will provide the correct wood for a fun game of setting and making a fire. While you will be
playing and learning, our team will prepare a delicious picnic lunch. 

If you wish to, you can also try yourself out as a cook and can cooperate in the food preparation, or you can merely observe the chefs and still pick us something new for you. After the tasty lunch you will have a short break, but you can take advantage of it and refresh yourself in the water. 

Did we mention that our secret spot is located by the river, where you can swim and dabble in the water?!

When we`re done with that, however, we will be headed to the exciting Hunter field. Our specially prepared and extremely fun military training ground is a place where you can test your skills. 

You will turn into a true adventurer, and will overcome unusual obstacles, crawl through tunnels, cross the stream, shoot with an air rifle, a bow and a slingshot, and have lots of fun while doing it.

A day full of surprises and adventures will become a long lasting memory, and quality time spent with your loved ones will help you strengthen the bonds between you.

Optionally, and with an upfront agreement,  you can add a cherry on the cake, and enjoy a sleepover in our tree tent in the moonlight and under the starry sky.